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FRENCHIE LONGS 3” w/copper wire
FRENCHIE LONGS 3” w/copper wire

FRENCHIE LONGS 3” w/copper wire

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Frenchie Long Ear Cookies are pyroetched by hand on wood.  Earring is water resistant and preserved with polymer finished/polyurethane varnish.  There are a variety of sizes available, so please look at the actual hanging size for the best length for you.  

These forward facing earrings* are double sided and can be switched to show the other side.

*DISCLAIMER:  The depth of some earring holes are different (like mine), especially if they were not done by a trained ear piercer.  If the depth of your earring hole is not the same on each ear,  the earring may slightly turn a bit when the your head in not in motion. 

 Ear Wires Sterling Silver w/copper or sterling silver bead
Wood Type Cherry
Characteristics Flat
Hanging Size 4” x 3/8” x 1/4”
Hardware Copper wire
Color  Indian ink (if colored)