Beautiful and intentional handmade art for the body and soul!

About the Artist


Photo credit: Sydney Beales


  • I am a handmade creative based in Oakland, CA., who is a self-taught artist.  While raising my family, I started as a hobbyist 20 years ago making jewelry and home accessories with found materials consisting of a variety of wooden  and natural materials.   I committed myself to developing an art practice and in May 2018, I took a leap of faith and became a full-time wearable art jewelry designer and visual artist. 
  • My work consists of a wearable art line, stationery and visual art . . . and I published a book of prose in 2019.
  • The primary medium is a primitive technique called pyrography (firewriting), also known as, wood burning or pyroetching. I use a variety of recycled and purchased wood, including birch, cherry and walnut to create my pyrographic designs and artwork.  The art is eclectic and unique.
  • I pride itself in providing great customer service. The experience the customer has is unique as the business focuses on educating the customer on the creative process behind each piece, the types of wood used, method and how the wood is preserved.